Anglican Communion

The State of the Communion

Well, as many already know, upcoming in June 2007, the Anglican Church of Canada is going to vote on the issues that have sparked such controversy throughout the Communion. Our own church has been effected by these issues in different ways.
But one has to question what will be the outcome? Does this place us further along the track to an “orthodox” church or do we simply face more schism? The Protestant inheritance seems to be found in the label, for we continue to fracture and separate. I am not debating the biblical support on either side. I’m simply asking the question: How does this move the Church further along in its call?
In the middle of the last century, there were issues surrounding the ordination of women. Before that it has ranged from vestments to episcopal authority. Yet, these things have not drawn the church together, but simply fragmented it more. If one continues upon this path, one ends up alone.
I am not one to support the blessing issue, but I have to ask: Is there another way? Are we called to minister within that context, to exhibit Christ’s love for even the “heretic”? We must remember that Christianity is not simply a set of ideas which we must give intellectual assent to. Rather, Christianity extends far beyond that. When we reduce it to a list of dogmatic assertions, do we not do disservice to our faith?


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