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CoE complaint about churches with no Bibles

I can hardly believe it!

We stand in a tradition where there is more Scripture read within the service than in most other ‘evangelical’ churches, yet we do not have bibles in the pews?

Then we wonder why we have congregations that are so biblically illiterate?

CoE complaint about churches with no Bibles

By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent

Last Updated: 2:29am GMT 24/01/2008

They may be found in every hotel bedroom, and are widely available in
prisons and hospitals, but members of the clergy claim one of the last
places you will find a Bible is in a church.

absence of the Word of God from the pews is of such concern to the
Church of England that it is to debate the issue at the next meeting of
its General Synod, or “Parliament”, next month.

The complaint was raised by Tim Cox, a Synod member from
Blackpool, who said he had been dismayed to discover that churches he
visited “all too often” had no Bibles for worshippers to follow the
readings and the sermon.

Read the whole article in the Telegraph.

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