Anglican Communion, GAFCON, Lambeth Conference, TEC, TEC Conflict

Lambeth …

Not as if there wasn’t enough coverage about Lambeth… I have decided to simply point you to other sources.

T19 has a great sticky page which lists the majority of blogs/news going on. Check that out here

One site which is a compilation of all the pages, which is quite excellent is here

Besides the fact that the Archbishop of Sudan has made some excellent and very needed comments (see the Ruth Gledhill’s article here) there are two articles which are interesting to me. First, on BabyBlueOnline there is the article about the CCP desiring to be recognized as the new North American Province. Definitely read it all here. The other article is from the Times and is regarding Cardinal Ivan Dias’ remarks about the Anglican Church having Spiritual Alzheimer’s. Read it as well.

There in many ways is already too much information (news) about Lambeth already. So I leave it to the others to say…

Grace and Peace…


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