Anglican Communion, TEC Conflict

Stranger by the day…

The more I read on certain Anglican blogs, the stranger things seem to get. The latest is the ‘attempted’ deposition of Bishop Duncan of Pittsburg. 815 has already laid out their position in a letter to all the Bishops, along with their responses to objections! Rather arrogant, don’t you think?  Some of my friends are facing being evicted from their church buildings because they were unwilling to endure the liberalism of the ACoC. Where does it end?

I am struck by the fact that those on this side of the pond still do not recognise the urgency of the situation. To give an example, I forget where I read it, one blogger equated the idea of the pastoral forum from the WCG as a request to holocaust victims to re-enter concentration camps. While this may be a little tasteless, it is the situation that they find themselves in. When will they realise that we need a communion with a little teeth?

Anglicanism has worked for many years on the basis of common held beliefs. But just in case you didn’t know, those beliefs are no longer held in common! So how do we maintain communion? We need something structured to provide those safeties. The sooner we wake up to this, the sooner we can get on with the mission of God.


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