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An article to wrestle with

Although this is written from an American Southern Baptist perspective, it encapsulates the issues at play in evangelicalism. Certainly there have been positives gained from evangelicalism. However, the iMonk is spot on when it comes to much of what ails evangelicalism as a whole. If we are to be the church, we must listen to the critique.

Recently, I’ve been dialoguing/thinking/praying in a new way about spiritual formation. His comments particularly on evangelical spiritual formation are particularly relevant.

The commenter is correct, and he isn’t saying “tickle my ears with something new.” He’s saying that the model of Christian spiritual formation now extent in worship is one that sees the 40 minute information dump as the primary means of spiritual growth. The sermon, the sermon and the sermon from the preacher, the theologian and the teacher. Plus a daily quiet time. That’s evangelical spiritual formation in a nutshell.

If we want to form and be formed into mature disciples of Jesus Christ, we would do well to listen to what he has to say.

Read it all here.


3 thoughts on “An article to wrestle with

  1. The article contributes much to the discussion but it is a symptom of the greater consumerism that has infected the church. Christians want their faith delivered to them, there is little investment anymore in the pursuit of holiness. You said “Recently, I’ve been dialoguing/thinking/praying in a new way about spiritual formation. ” We begin with humility of self, an attitude that is completely at odds with the modern world in which we try to serve. Blessings and peace.

    • T. Justin Read-Smith says:

      Doulos Christou,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that one must begin with humility, found through the kenosis of Christ. However, our humility must be shaped and moulded to produce fruit. Obviously, this is from the Holy Spirit. Yet, the tradition of the Church and the Church Fathers have passed down ‘disciplines’ which also aid us in this quest. Led by the Holy Spirit, in the body of the Church, we need to return to the ‘old paths’ once traveled by our spiritual Fathers and Mothers and reclaim a ‘way’ of discipleship which truly makes disciples rather than consumers.

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