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Matt Kennedy’s take on the ABC’s Statement

Short, concise and clear. Definitely a contrast to the ABC’s statement. Read it all below.
(Hat tip: StandFirm)

My Take on the ABC’s Statement

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 • 5:53 am

Greg pointed out that I’m one of the only SF writers who has not yet published an analysis of the ABC‘s statement. I told him that I’d decided to let the little dogs yap around in the yard first before the big dog (that’s me) steps in. I think he understood.

So here it goes…

I know that many at SF are not pleased with the ABC‘s statement and compared to the kind of robust response to outright heresy you might expect from a functional Christian community, yeah, I agree, it’s sickly and weak. But hey, it’s the Anglican Communion — a messed-up family of 38 including at least four naked uncle Joes who routinely arrive at family dinners already toasted and end up naked in the corner wearing lampshades. If you want to keep people like that at the table without actually doing anything to help them, you gotta make some compromises. The Archbishop understands that.

That’s my take.

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