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Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright, responds to ++Cantuar’s ‘reflection’.

I have just one question for Bishop Wright regarding the following:

and he warns against speaking ‘in apocalyptic terms of schism and excommunication’. He also speaks of the ‘twofold ecclesial reality’ as a ‘possibility’ in the ‘middle distance’. (ii) The Reality: But, as he himself has indicated, key decisions have been made (obviously not yet in terms of voting on the Covenant, but certainly in terms of taking stances which will lead directly to such votes); schism has already happened; and not just a twofold, but a confusing and pluriform ecclesial reality, is not just a middle-distance possibility but an on-the-ground and in-your-face fact. (emphasis mine)

Which of you is right? The ++ABC warns against speaking in terms of schism and excommunication’, but shortly after, you state that “schism has already happened…” It appears that the ++ABC is simply not willing to recognise the facts on the ground, no matter his assent to the destructive actions of GC. This is what some commentators have noted as ++Cantuar’s Hegelian dialectic. If ++Cantuar is unwilling to recognise the schism, in concept or otherwise, the quick action called for by +Durham will not come. Then where does that leave us? I’m afraid we’ll be, yet again, in the developing Anglican purgatory…

Read the whole thing here.

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3 thoughts on “Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright, responds to ++Cantuar’s ‘reflection’.

  1. FrDarryl Jordan says:

    So if the Anglican Communion is now analogous to Purgatory then that means as long as we’re under ++Cantuar, we’ll never make it to the corresponding Paradise.

    • T. Justin Read-Smith says:

      Well said. In the end, I think that under the current ++Cantuar we will not do so. The damage being done is to both communion and the office of ++Cantuar. In the end, ++Cantuar is an Hegelian at heart and will always attempt synthesis. (see: David Ould)

      By the way, how are you guys doing? I just got back from Savannah where I attended Chapter for the Anglican Order of Preachers (Dominicans). I am now a novice in the Order. It was good experience, in more ways than one. Being in Savannah in particular was a pleasure. Had a chance to go to Christ Church, home to Wesley, Whitefield, etc.

      Would love to hear how things are…


  2. thanks for the nod.

    One thing now occurs to me. It’s not so much that Williams “attempts” synthesis but that he allows it.

    He sees himself as a passive chairman in the whole thing. He is not driving one or the other side forward, simply facilitating the dialectic.

    Of course, it’s disastrous. But it’s worth us working hard at understanding him as well as possible.

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